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The chocolates listed below are $17.99 /lb.

---- Butter Toffee.jpg (large) ---- Caramel.jpg (large) ---- Mint Meltaway.jpg (large)
Butter Toffee
Mint Meltaways
---- Peanut Butter Meltaway.jpg (large) ---- Old Fashion Toffe.jpg (large) ---- Coconut Haystack.jpg (large)
Peanut Butter Meltaways
Old Fashioned Toffee
Coconut Haystacks
---- Pecan Patty.gif (large) ---- Cashew Caramel Patty.jpg (large) ---- Peanut Cluster.jpg (large)
Pecan PattiesCashew Carmel Patties
Peanut Clusters
---- Chocolate Almonds.gif (large) ---- Choc Tart Cherries.jpg (large) ---- Choc Dried Blueberries.jpg (large)
Chocolate Almonds
Chocolate Cherries
Chocolate Covered Blueberries
---- Alpine Amaretto Meltaway.jpg (large) ---- Raspberry Meltaway.jpg (large) ---- Coffee Mocha Meltaway.jpg (large)
Alpine Amaretto Meltaway
Raspberry Meltaway
Coffee Mocha Meltaway


---- Milk Choc Oreos.jpg (large) ---- Jumbo Turtle.jpg (large) ---- Double Dipped Peanuts.gif (large)
Chocolate Oreos $1.00 Each
Jumbo Turtles $4.00 Each
Double Dipped Peanuts $10.99/lb
---- Malted Milk Balls.jpg (large) ---- Chocolate Raisins.gif (large) ---- Rice Krispie Treat.jpg (large)
Malted Milk Balls $10.99/lb Raisins $10.99/lbRice Krispie Treats $2.50 Each
---- White Choc Dutch Pretzel.jpg (large) ---- Milk Choc Dutch Pretzel.jpg (large)  
White Pretzels $8.99 per BagMilk Pretzels $8.99 per Bag

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